Why You Need Your Solution?

Problem With The Old Approach
Generic Solutions

Generic solutions for documents processing can often act poorly. This is because these solutions are not specifically designed for your documents. As a result, they can miss important details or fail to properly process the document. This can lead to errors or delays in retrieving information.

Rule Based

Rule based document management systems can require a lot of manual operation. This can include setting up rules, maintaining the system, and manually processing documents. This can be time consuming and costly, especially for companies with a large volume of documents.

Batch Workflow

Batch processing document systems are not capable of real time response. This means that they can take a long time to process documents, which can delay retrieval and verification of information. This can be problematic for companies that need to quickly retrieve information from their documents.


Better Than You See
Just Like You See

Just like the human eye, computer vision can identify objects, textures, and patterns in an image. However, unlike the human eye, Wysdoc can also see things that are too small or too unclear for us to see. This makes Wysdoc a powerful tool for tasks such as document classification and detection.

Lightning Fast
Lightning Fast

Wysdoc can interpret and understand digital images much faster than humans can. This is because computers can process large amounts of data very quickly. For a document classification task, Wysdoc can work at a rate of thousand documents per second, which blazingly fast compared to human.

Right Model For You
Right Model For You

Customly trained models are more accurate than other models because they are specifically designed for a certain task. For example, if you need a model that can identify your specific form, we will train it on your dataset. This way, the model knows what to look for and can more accurately identify.

Hybrid Solutions
Hybrid Solutions

By integrating our solutions with your existing systems, we can help you to optimize your workflows and increase your overall efficiency. This can help you to save time and money, and to improve your overall productivity.

Your Data is Safe

We do not use cloud to train your data for GDPR issues. By not using cloud to train your data, we can ensure that your data is not shared with any third-party. This helps to protect your privacy and ensures that your data is only used for your company.

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