Traditionality of Insurance

Auto Claim Expert Examining

Nearly 21 days are typically needed to process a claim, with more than 70% of that time spent on customer holds.


Detecting fraud and preventing it from the beginning is nearly impossible due to unstructured information.

High Costs

Untransparent, subjective decision makings can cost a lot higher for both insurance companies and the clients.

Intensive Operations

The intensity of claim experts during the day is quite high. This makes doing the right decision hard.

Get your loss paid in seconds!

Take a Photo
Take A Photo of the Car

Photos taken from all angles and distances are accepted in order to provide the most unique customer experience.

Let AI Do the Work
Let AI Do the Work

Wyscar will analyze the damage thoroughly and process the claim in seconds while complying to your company specific culture.

Get Your Loss Paid
Get Your Report

Wyscar will create a transparent, nonsubjective and unbiased report with the up-to-date prices and the equivalent part advices.

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